Dear Energy Lab community
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Congratulations to these funded challenges!
Dear Energy Lab Community,

Today, our Pitch&Enrich Workshop was indeed a special occasion for the Energy Lab Team and participants! Eight challenge owners and their teams presented in the afternoon their ideas to the Pitch Jury Members. We are extremely delighted to announce who successfully received seed funding for their project ideas.

Let's congratulate 5 challenges for their achievement today! We wish them all the best for further progress and we are looking forward to see their results soon!

Our next Pitch&Enrich Workshop is planned for 8th of July 2021. If you also have an energy related challenge, please send them in. The deadline is 2 weeks before the Pitch&Enrich Workshop.

And do not miss the next steps, our webinars and bootcamps. Our next bootcamp about ideation is in May, there are already about 20 participants and some few places left!
Updates on projects and new ventures on

Best regards,
Energy Lab team
A new Swiss standard to reduce the footprint through efficient urban projects
project idea from SEED
Congratulations to Sarah Schalles and her team for their achievement! They received for their challenge idea 10'000 CHF. The challenge is the growth of the community culminating in the establishment of the SEED certification as the new standard for sustainable districts across Switzerland. To learn more about this funded challenge, check it out on jointcreate or get in touch with Sarah Schalles directly!
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Data-driven, agile energy system planning and operation processes
project idea from Urban Sympheny AG
Congratulations to Matthias Sulzer and his team for this achievement! For their challenge idea, they got an amount of 25'000 CHF seed funding. In this challenge, Urban Sympheny AG proposes developing, testing, and validating an automated workflow for exploiting real-time data streams from Belimo's cloud for energy planning in Sympheny's software. The objective is to demonstrate the potential advantages of an "agile" energy planning approach. Check it out on jointcreate or get it in touch with Matthias Sulzer directly.
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Visualisation of the CO2 reduction path in Central Switzerland
project idea from Hochschule Luzern - Technology & Architecture
Congratulations to Stephen Wittkopf and his team for their achievement today! They received for their challenge idea 10'000 CHF. This project aims to bring together central Swiss energy suppliers, municipalities and property owners with the energy experts of the Department of Technology and Architecture in order to test and use the possibilities of an energy data visualisation for the planning, communication and implementation of a CO2 reduction path for central Switzerland in an open exchange. Check it out on jointcreate or get in touch with Stephen Wittkopf directly!
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project idea from ETH
Congratulations to Anna Thumann and her team for their achievement! For their challenge, they got an amount of 15'000 CHF seed funding granted.  e-Sling is a student project at ETH Zurich with the aim of converting a 4-seater Sling TSi aircraft into an electric aircraft within eight months. E-Sling enables a move towards sustainability in aviation. CO2 emissions are reduced by 100% and noise emissions by 75%. Check it out on jointcreate or contact Anna Thumann directly!
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Building passport energy
project idea from geoimpact AG
Congratulations to David Suter and his team for their achievement! They got 25'000 CHF granted for their project idea. This challenge is about a platform that gathers all energy related building information and helps to identify suitable renovation targets whose renovation will help to reduce energy consumption. Furthermore, the platforms assists to save CO2-emissions as well as will help the larger integration of renewable energy (sources). Check it out on jointcreate or get in touch with David Suter directly!
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