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A new Swiss standard to reduce the footprint through efficient urban projects
project idea from SEED
The SEED certification promotes the creation of proactive urban communities that support the citizens through shared learning, innovation, and financial means to reduce their ecological footprint.
The challenge is the growth of the community culminating in the establishment of the SEED certification as the new standard for sustainable districts across Switzerland. Check it out on jointcreate or get in touch with Sarah Schalles directly!
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Developing business models for net zero building transformation
project idea from Allianz2sol
This challenge aims at accelerating energetic refurbishments and the transformation of multi-family houses to renewable building energy systems. Economically attractive business models of total cost of ownership are needed. Target group is on the one hand building owners/investors and on the other hand building industry. Innovative business models for these needs to be developed. Check it out on jointcreate or get in touch with the Marc Bätschmann directly!
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ADAM : An AI-driven asset management approach using distributed, private datasets
project idea from VIA science
Decarbonisation and sector coupling are changing the way that infrastructures will be planned, operated and maintained. ADAM develops a ‘behind the scenes’ approach allowing multiple operators / facility managers to collaborate on asset intelligence without centralising data. Our target is to create valuable insights and maintenance strategies for buildings, district networks and power grids. Check it out on jointcreate or get in touch with Antonios Papaemmanouil directly!
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Data-driven, agile energy system planning and operation processes
project idea from Urban Sympheny AG
In this challenge, Urban Sympheny AG propose developing, testing, and validating an automated workflow for exploiting real-time data streams from Belimo cloud for energy planning in Sympheny's software. The objective is to demonstrate the potential advantages of an "agile" energy planning approach. Models trained on the real-time operational data of a site will be used to drive an incremental planning process. Check it out on jointcreate or get it in touch with Matthias Sulzer directly.
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Visualisation of the CO2 reduction path in Central Switzerland
project idea from Hochschule Luzern - Technology & Architecture
This project aims to bring together central Swiss energy suppliers, municipalities and property owners with the energy experts of the Department of Technology and Architecture in order to test and use the possibilities of an energy data visualisation for the planning, communication and implementation of a CO2 reduction path for central Switzerland in an open exchange. Check it out on jointcreate or get in touch with Stephen Wittkopf directly!
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project idea from ETH
e-Sling is a student project at ETH Zurich with the aim of converting a 4-seater Sling TSi aircraft into an electric aircraft within eight months. e-Sling enables a move towards sustainability in aviation. CO2 emissions are reduced by 100% and noise emissions by 75%. In the long run, e-Sling is 40-60% less expensive, which makes the new aircraft particularly exciting for pilot schools. Check it out on jointcreate or contact Anna Thumann directly!
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Building passport energy
project idea from geoimpact AG
How can energy related building information (e.g. building properties, heating system type and age, energy consumption, performance compared to reference buildings) be gathered such that all stakeholders (owner, public bodies, utilities, clean-tech providers) can access the required and up-to-date information easily? The platform helps to identify suitable renovation targets whose renovation will help to reduce energy consumption and save CO2-emissions as well as will help the larger integration of renewable energy (sources). Check it out on jointcreate or get in touch with David Suter directly!
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EVO-Tool planner software self-consumption optimisation
project idea from Partner Ingenieure
Self-consumption optimisation (EVO) is an important component in order to be able to implement the Energy Strategy 2050. In order to implement this, it is enormously important to know the possibilities of self-consumption and also to demonstrate the effects. A free, easy-to-use tool for calculating and optimising self-consumption, taking into account own load and production profiles and own storage strategies. A tool for building owners, energy consultants and planners to obtain measures for optimised self-consumption. Check it out on jointcreate or get in touch directly with the challenge owner Roger Buser!
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HLKS Vorfertigungsgrad erhöhen und durch Integration in Holzmodulbau Skalierung verbessern
Projekt Idee von Strüby Konzept AG
Im Rahmen dieses Vorhabens sollen Wege gefunden werden, wie der Vorfertigungsgrad der Gebäudetechnik erhöht und in Holzmodulvorfertigung integriert werden kann. Dies Ergebnisse sind für die Skalierung des Holzbaus von grosser Bedeutung. Für ein derartiges System gibt es ein grosses Marktpotential. Mehr Informationen findest du auf jointcreate oder kontaktiere den Challenge Owner Martin Moser direkt!

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